We release the Trauma® Program in Mendoza

The agreement with the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports of the Province of Mendoza, commanded by Ana María Nadal, is proposed as a comprehensive model for the survey and analysis of data on physical injuries with the aim of improving care, generating prevention and intervention strategies adapted to local realities to reduce the number of trauma victims.

Through this initiative and in partnership with the Ministry of Health of the province, it seeks to collaborate with the health teams of institutions to optimize daily practice, identify opportunities for improvement and develop evidence-based interventions.

The program includes training of health teams and the implementation of quality improvement processes in the care of injured patients, among other actions.  

The areas of health care that will participate in the work plan will be the Central Hospital, the Humberto Notti Children’s Hospital, the Lagomaggiore Hospital, the Schestakow Hospital, and the Coordinated Emergency System (S.E.C), which join the Trauma Network promoted by the Trauma Foundation and formed by 20 institutions of the Province of Buenos Aires and the City of Buenos Aires. 

The implementation of the Trauma Program in the four referral hospitals for trauma care and the Coordinated Emergency System (SEC) of the Province will provide information on the impact of physical injuries in order to design prevention and intervention strategies adapted to the local reality that will contribute to better care for the traumatized patient

The Trauma Program will also contribute by providing quality information to both the health sector and other areas of government to design evidence-based public policies to improve the quality of life of their community.

The Trauma Program release is a pioneering experience in the Argentine health system, and the first sustainable model of this kind in Latin America will be made with funds donated by the Z Zurich Foundation to the Trauma Foundation along with the commitment of the province to ensure the sustainability of the strategy.

The implementation of the Trauma Program in Mendoza is the result of public-private collaboration whose synergy will strengthen the benefits of this initiative in the province.