We arrived in Tierra del Fuego

We signed an agreement with the Ministry of Health of Tierra del Fuego to implement and sustain the Trauma Program in the province. The objective is to improve care, generate prevention and intervention strategies adapted to local realities to reduce the number of victims of trauma.

The meeting was on September 8 and was attended by Minister Judit Di Giglio; Dr. Eduardo Serra, Director of Management of Networks North Zone; Dr. Laura Beber, Director General of Emergency Care; our president Dr. Jorge Neira and our executive director, Mr. Laura Bosque.

Through this initiative and in partnership with the province’s Ministry of Health, it seeks to collaborate with health teams to optimize daily practice, identify opportunities for improvement and develop evidence-based interventions. The program includes training of health teams and implementation of quality improvement processes in the care of injured patients, among other actions.

The areas of health care that will participate in the work plan will be the Ushuaia Regional Hospital «Gobernador Ernesto M. Campos», the Regional Hospital of Rio Grande and the Medical Emergency Service (SEM) Rio Grande, which join our Trauma Network formed by 20 institutions from Buenos Aires and Mendoza.

“The implementation of the Trauma Program in the referral hospitals together with the Emergency System of the province of Tierra del Fuego will allow measuring the impact of physical injuries in order to design interventions for a better quality of patient care Traumatized and design prevention strategies based on local information”, Neira said. For her part, Minister Di Giglio said: “This is a very important day. We have just signed the agreement with the Trauma Foundation. It is a historic agreement for the province, a collaboration with this foundation that has been working on this pathology for so many years. So we are very happy and appreciate the presence of the president of the Foundation in our province”.

The implementation of the Trauma Program is a pioneering experience in Argentina’s health system and the first sustainable model of this kind in Latin America.

“The implementation of the Tierra del Fuego Trauma Program is possible thanks to public-private collaboration. For us it is very motivating to accompany the health ministry to fulfill the goal of saving lives, preventing preventable deaths and disabilities», said Bosque.